Voices of California (“VoCal”) is a 70+ member men’s a cappella chorus based in Sacramento, CA and affiliated with the international Barbershop Harmony Society (“BHS”) as the California Delta Chapter. We are committed to offering the finest in choral entertainment.


The mission of the California Delta Chapter is to achieve musical excellence in competition and entertaining performances of the highest caliber. Our vision of harmony includes singing a cappella music primarily in the barbershop style. It also reflects our commitment to inspiring musical excellence, ensuring each member's musical growth, and fostering singing in our communities.


Voices of California (“VoCal”) has been in existence for only 10 years but already is an internationally acclaimed a cappella chorus, having qualified for the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Contest five times over this period – making it among the top choruses of its type in the world. Based here in Sacramento, it offers men of all ages (as young as six and as old as 92) the opportunity to join with other men who love to sing and enhance their singing and performing skills to become part of the most entertaining men’s choruses anywhere.  But our mission doesn’t end with our performances. In this time of dwindling (even disappearing) school budgets for the arts, VoCal believes it has a responsibility to promote singing in our area and does so by providing the opportunity for other local singing groups of different musical genres to appear on our annual Holiday Show, and by providing significant support for high school singers in Northern California through financial and volunteer support for the area’s annual Harmony Camp retreat and by sponsoring Youth Choruses whenever distance makes it feasible to represent Northern California at the international BHS Mid-Winter conventions.

But as with most artistic groups, ticket sales cover only a portion of our overall expenses, which include not only ongoing costs for our music and visual directors, music rights, rehearsal hall and venue costs, and other show production costs such as bringing in world-class guest performers to entertain you, but also engaging the best coaches in the Society to steadily improve our skills, our community support efforts, and going on an England Tour in 2020 (where we will be singing at the British Association of Barbershop Singers at their national convention plus several other venues)..That’s why support from music and theater lovers like you is so critical to our success. Your financial assistance will ensure that we continue to thrive and bring the best a cappella entertainment to our community and wherever we perform. If you would like to help, or to see our list of donors, please click on the appropriate link below.

Thank you for your support …